Bearded Dragon

Domain: Eukaryota  
Kingdom: Animalia  
Phylum: Chordata  
Class: Reptilia  
Order: Squamata  
Suborder: Iguania  
Family: Agamidae  
Subfamily: Amphibolurinae  
Genus: Pogona  

Noteworthy Feature: Distinctive “beard” display under the throat

Physical Characteristics:

– Size: Typically 18-24 inches (45-60 cm) in length

– Lifespan: 10-15 years

– Color: Varied, including shades of brown, tan, and occasionally red


– Preferred Environments: Arid regions, often found in deserts or wooded areas


– Diet: Omnivorous, consuming insects and vegetation

– Activity Patterns: Diurnal, active during the day

– Social Structure: Generally solitary, can be territorial, especially during breeding seasons

Note: The Bearded Dragon, belonging to the genus Pogona, is known for its distinctive “beard” display and is a popular choice as a pet reptile.