About Susana

Hey there! I am Susana Jean, a pet lover and a journalist specializing in pet care. I have a Journalism and Communications degree from the University of Washington D.C. My life mostly revolves around two things: pets and writing. Having spent my whole life enjoying cheerful moments with different types of pets, now I share the knowledge and experience I’ve had with our furry, feathered, or scaled friends through my writing.

I’ve been writing stories and advising Smallpet since 2019. My articles, blogs, and guides cover a wide range of pet care topics, from the practical to the deeply personal. But my journey didn’t end with writing. In 2020, I completed a Pet Care Specialist Certification Program to improve my skills and show more dedication to animal welfare. I’m also a member of Washington DC Pet Lovers Club where we help build a community that values the tie between people and animals.

I consider pets more than just a part of my job; they’re my whole world. Max, a lively Labrador retriever, and Luna, a calm Persian cat, are my two beloved pets who make my days full of love and fun. Whisk, my first sugar glider, and my best friend, taught me how to love and care for others. I want to share this deep relationship with you through every word I write. I believe the bond between people and their pets can change lives. This belief guides my work and my whole life.

My writing style is like the warm and close relationship between a person and their pet. I want my readers to feel connected to me and their pets, whether they have had pets for a long time or are new to this wonderful world. I make content that hits home on a deeply personal level by mixing useful tips with personal anecdotes. I want to encourage others to be responsible and loving towards pets.

As a part of the American Pet Writers Association and Paws for a Cause, I stay up to date on pet business trends and animal safety problems. The DC Pet Excellence Awards in 2022 gave me the Outstanding Pet Blog award for my hard work. This is a big deal for me because it fuels my desire to make a change in the pet community.

Life isn’t just pets and writing, though. I like to write stories and cuddle with Max and Luna when I’m not hiking in Rock Creek Park, listening to live music, or taking pictures of my pets doing silly things with my new camera. I also love having a collection of old pet items and remember working at a pet therapy program that made the senior residents of a nearby nursing home smile.

I’m glad you’re here, whether you want to get help, find comfort, or celebrate the joy of having a pet. Let’s go on this trip together, one story at a time, and discover the joys of having animals as friends. Go to my website, Small Pet, to enter a world where every pet has a story, and each story can help you connect more deeply with your furry friends. So, let’s find out what magic happens when we let the animals in our lives fill our hearts.