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Can sugar glider eat durian?

Durian is a familiar fruit in Southeast Asia. You must have heard of it! If you are a sweet lover, then this fruit can instantly meet your sudden cravings! Sugar Gliders also like this type of sugary taste but sugar is not good for its health. As a responsible owner, you must search for other options! Durian can be a perfect fruit for this but you need to maintain the consumption amount of your Suggies! Keep reading to know how to do it!  

First thing to know is, Can Sugar Glider Eat Durian?

This is going to be a little complicated. The fact is Sugar Gliders can eat durian but you have to crucially maintain the portion of their eating.  Durian is an excessively sweet fruit and contains 4 times more sugar than a banana. It makes durian eligible for an occasional treat, not the regular one. So, you can feed a small amount of durian to your furbabies. More precisely, it is a safe fruit for Gliders when you strictly control their eating habits.   

Can you give all types of durian to your Gliders? Any guesses?

Can you give all types of durian to your Gliders

The ripe one is preferable for them. It looks brown from the outside. You should also know which part of this fruit is edible. Durian has a very rough surface. You have to break the hard surface first then take out the edible flesh part of it. Moreover, a large side seed also remains in the flesh, make sure you remove it before letting it eat your Gliders. 

Time to talk about some of the recipes of durian that you can feed your Glider in a very small amount! Have a look!  

1.Ripe  Durian

Very Small amounts of ripe durian you can offer to your Gliders. Durian is not the type of fruit that your pet Gliders can eat entirely by themselves. You have to present the fruit in front of them in such a way that they can eat it easily. Removing the outer skin is also a must. Then only take out the flesh part of durian as it is safe for them. Sugar Gliders can take a small portion of the durian flesh. 

2.Durian Juice 

Durian Juice can be given to your Gliders as a special treat.  The juice must be 100% organic. You can give 1 or 2 spoons of durian as a special treat to your Gliders. Follow this recipe for making the juice- 

  • Remove the skin and seed of the durian fruit.
  • You will get the flesh of the fruit.
  • Take a blender and pour some water in it.
  • Add the flesh of durian in the blender.
  • Blend it out without adding any other ingredients. 

3.Durian and Mango  Smoothie 

You can also give a small portion of durian and mango smoothie to your Gliders. People often call this “Durango Smoothie”. But avoid any artificial ingredients, flavor, and additional sugar while making it. Blending the durian and mango properly with water is all you have to do. Again, it can also be a special treat that should be given a really small portion to your Glider. 

4.Mixing with Diet

As the texture of this fruit is sweet and creamy, Gliders tend to eat durian more than the safe amount. To prevent this, you can mix small pieces of durian in a complete diet.  It will certainly minimize the risk. They can also enjoy the taste of it.

You can give all these recipes of durian in small amounts. For that, you must have an idea about the fruit amount that is safe for them! Here it is!   

If you want to make this fruit safe for them, limit their consumption to a few small bites. Once in a week will be fine. Moreover, Gliders are allowed to take 1 or 2 small bites. Similarly, give one or two spoons of juice or smoothie as a treat.  Make sure, they don’t eat excessive amounts of durian in any way.

What Types of Gliders Can Eat Durian?

Both wild and pet Gliders eat durian. Wild ones usually eat the fruit by themselves through their survival skills. 

But the pocket pet need your help. You have to break the harsh skin and remove the seed from this fruit. Later give a small portion of the fruit. 

Some Recipes and Parts that you shouldn’t give to your Gliders

We already know the excessive amount of durian is harmful for the Gliders but there are some recipes and parts that you shouldn’t give to your Gliders! Have a quick look! 

1.Durian Seed and Skin 

Can sugar gliders eat the durian seeds?

No matter what, you cannot give the seeds of durian and skin to your Gliders. These are highly dangerous for your Gliders. 

2.Packaged Durian  

Packaged durian contains artificial flavor and chemicals that can be extremely harmful to your Gliders. So don’t feed them any type of packaged durian fruit.

3.Processed Durian 

Processed durian is made for different types of reasons like use in confectionery products, snacks, and baking purposes. As a result, many outer ingredients are mixed with it. This type of durian fruit is also a big “No” for the Gliders. 

Things That Should Be Considered 

The fact is, including durian in the Sugar Gliders main diet is not the right choice at all. You can give a small portion of it as mentioned.  Let’s know the reason behind this-

Durian includes a lot of sugar and fat that can make your Suggies obese. They can also suffer from diabetes. Gas and stomach upset can also occur to them. Some of the Gliders also face problems due to the allergic reaction after eating it. Besides, high amounts of fat are included in durian. As a result, excessive consumption of this fruit can lead to health issues for your furry friends. 

Additionally, 357 calories and 82 grams of sugar are contained in one cup of durian. You can understand easily, if you feed your Gliders an extra amount of Durian, how it can affect its health!

Benefits of Durian

If you put durian in an occasional and special food list, it can give your Gliders some advantage.  Have a look at the benefits!  

  1. Your Glider can get vitamins C and B from these fruits. 
  2. The right amount of durian can provide recommended dietary fat for Gliders. 
  3. It also gives the proper potassium to your Gliders.


We have known both the pros and cons of the fruits. It can be a good option for giving energy and increasing immunity. Moreover, the potassium has ensured healthy muscle and nerve movement. But all of this depends on how you can maintain their durian feeding.  Keeping your Gliders under a good diet, you can occasionally add a tiny amount of durian rather than making it a dietary food.

Alternative food options to durian! 

If you have already made up your mind that you don’t want to give durian to your Glider, you still have so many options. Let’s find out the alternative food.

Fruits like apples, pears, and berries can be included as alternatives to durian. These are also not overly sweet and could be their daily option. 

Talking about the vegetables, you can use kale, spinach, or lettuce which will provide both vitamins and minerals. Besides, whole grain pellets and sweet potatoes are also good options. All of these fruits and veggies can give day-to-day balanced nutrients to your Gliders. 


This is pretty much everything you need to know about durian. Durian can be a great source of sweetness for your fur friends if it is presented properly. Make sure you are giving the right amount of durian to your Gliders. As durian has a high sugar content, excessive durian can leave long-term health issues in your Glider. You certainly don’t want it! So after knowing everything, your first thing would be to give the perfect portion of durian to your Gliders. 


Do all Gliders like to eat durian? 

As durian is a sweet fruit, most of the Gliders love to eat durian. There is a chance they might consume this fruit excessively. Still, you have to experiment first with whether they truly like it or not. Give a small portion of the fruit first for this. 

Can I give durian regularly to my Gliders? 

Absolutely No! You cannot give durian to your Gliders regularly. It will lead them to dangerous food habits and negatively affect their health. 

Is durian a highly risky food for Gliders? 

If your Glider consumes too much durian then it will be a risky fruit for them. The health issues caused by the excessive consumption of durian are mentioned previously. Be aware of that!  

Can I add durian as a daily diet to my Gliders food list?

You can occasionally give durian along with the daily diet.  Moreover, mixing a tiny amount of durian in your daily diet is also fine. But you can never use Durian as a prime food in their diet. 

Is it better to choose an alternative to durian?  

The answer is “Yes”. It is better to choose an alternative to durian. Undoubtedly, it is a tough job to maintain a durian treat for Gliders.  To avoid this, you can choose the mentioned alternative for your little mammals.

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