Can Sugar Gliders Eat Pineapple? Find Out Here




Can Sugar Gliders Eat Pineapple?

You step toward your market searching  for your Gliders’ food and see a pineapple. What do you think? Can your Glider eat pineapple?  You know the delicious taste of pineapple but would it be a right thing to share it with your Glider? Finding all of this is what a responsible owner will do , right!  

Can Sugar Gliders Eat Pineapple?  

Can Sugar Gliders Eat Pineapple

Yes, generally Sugar Gliders can eat pineapple. It is considered safe food as long as you are feeding your fur babies in moderate amounts.  The calcium phosphorus ratio of pineapples is 1:1, which makes this food a good choice for your Gliders. Moreover, it’s better to keep 20% of the fruits like pineapple in the Sugar Gliders’ whole diet.But can you give all types of pineapple? No actually!  

What Type of  Pineapple can Sugar Gliders Eat? 

Ripe pineapples are appropriate for you little mammals.  It tastes sweet so it can be a good choice for them. Moreover, as pineapple has a very unique taste, It can be a surprise food for them. Wondering how to do that and how to present the pineapple to them? Let’s have a look. 

1.TPG diet 

You can use pineapple along with 2-3 other fruits in the TPG diet. This is the only diet where pineapple can be used. This diet is easy to meet and ensures the highest benefits to you Gliders. Along with that, different types of veggies, orange juice concentrate, apple sauce, and protein are also used in the diet. 

Let’s talk about the fruit part of the TPG diet where we will use the pineapple.  Take any 2-3 fruits from mangoes, papaya, oranges, blueberries or cherries along with pineaaples. Make sure all are the organic fruit, not the canned one. Then follow the procedure for preparing the pineapple for the diet-

  • Wash the pineapples properly. Peel off the skin and cut the stem.
  • Slice it properly then finely chop it. 
  • You can also use a processor to mash the pineapple. 
  • Do the same things with the other fruit and mix all of them together. 
  • Then mix the other ingredients one by one. 
  • You can optimally add the oatmeal and vitamin supplement with the mixture. 
  • Pour the mixture in an ice cube tray. 
  • One ice cube is enough for each Glider. 
  • Store the rest of the cubes in a freezer bag and keep that in a refrigerator. 

Bonus: You must warm up the cube in the front temperature to feed your Gliders. 

2.Ripe Pineapple 

You can directly give the ripe pineapple to your Gliders. The pineapple must be an organic one. Moreover, proper washing is also important. Cut the washed pineapple so that no outer skin remains with it. We all know the rough surface of the outer side of this fruit. You must not include that in your Gliders diet!

3.Fresh Pineapple Juice  

Fresh pineapple juice can be introduced to them as an occasional treat.  Don’t mix any extra flavor,sugar or other ingredients with the juice. You can follow this process-

  • Take a medium sized pineapple.
  • Peel off the skin and wash it properly. 
  • Cut the pineapple into slices and chop the slices into 1-inch pieces. 
  • Add the pieces to a blender and pour 1 cup water.
  • Blend them together till it turns smooth. 
  • Pour the mixer in a fine mesh strainer and strain the juice. 
  • Take a small portion 1 or 2 spoon from the juice and feed your Glider.

Bonus: Usually it is not a good decision to keep the pineapple juice in the freezer. After feeding the juice to your Gliders, you can add some extra ingredients and drink it.  Pineapple juice can be a perfect owner-pet fruit treat! 

4.Dried Pineapple 

Next we have the dried pineapple for your furry friends.  Dried pineapple can be given to them  as an occasional treat and for a very little portion.  Don’t you know the proper way to dry the pineapples!  Have a look on the procedure-

  • Wash the pineapple properly and peel off the skin and remove the stem
  • Cut the pineapple into thin slices. 
  • Arrange the slices in a dehydrator tray.
  • Set the temperature to 60° C.
  • Leave it for 8 hours.
  • After that, your dried pineapple slices are ready.
  • Make them cool at room temperature and feed the little portion to your Gliders.

5.Baked Pineapple

Baked Pineapple is also an option that you can choose.  Make sure you have baked properly and give them a moderate amount of it. Baked pineapple is a great snack for them.

6.Frozen Pineapple 

You can also give frozen pineapples to the Gliders. But defrost it before feeding them and avoid giving them too much of it. 

That’s not enough!  Being owner of the fur babies you need to know more to ensure their food safely! Keep reading! 

What type of Sugar Glider can eat pineapples?

If you are an owner of a baby Glider,then it is safe to give pineapples after 6 weeks or above.  Usually pet Gliders eat pineapple on their first go. Still you can give a small portion of the pineapple to them to  make sure if they really like them or not.  If they really like it , prepare other pineapple recipes for them. 

The Preferred Amount of Pineapple 

Excessive pineapple can make your Gliders stomach upset. So the amount should be a major concern. Your Sugar Glider can eat a small slice of ripe pineapple.  Give one or two spoons of pineapple fruit juice occasionally.  The dried and baked pineapples should be given a very small amount. 

Time to know some of the benefits of Pineapple. It will astonish you! 

Pineapple contains a lot of nutrients that will help to maintain their health properly. Check out the advantages of this fruit! 

  • Pineapple can be a great source of vitamin C that will help to strengthen their immune system.
  • The fiber of the pineapple will also help them to digest the foods.
  • Pineapple helps to suppress any type of Inflammation in your Gliders’ body.
  • It contains rich antioxidants.  

What type of pineapple they should not have!  Here it is! 

Nutritional Value of Pineapple for Sugar Gliders

1.Green Pineapple

The taste of the green pineapple is sour and there is a huge probability, Gliders will find the taste displeasing. For this reason, avoid giving green pineapples to your furbabies. 

2.Pineapple Skin and Stem

Consuming the pineapple skin and stem can leave a negative effect on your Gliders health. No matter whichever recipe you are trying for your Glider, remember to remove two of them. 

3.Canned Pineapple 

Like other canned fruit, canner pineapple also contains flavor and added sugar. Moreover, chemicals and preservatives which are added with the canned food.   You definitely want your Glider to consume those. So it is better not to give the canned pineapple to your Gliders. 

4.Processed Pineapple 

In processed food, the organic form of the pineapple is changed. It  also contains substances that can be harmful for your Gliders.  So they should not consume the processed pineapples.

5.Pineapple Flavour Stuff

The beverage containing  pineapple flavor is strictly prohibited for the  Gliders. These are mostly factory based that cannot be fed by them.

6.Tetra Packed Pineapple 

The pineapple that comes with tetra packs is also harmful for them.  Avoid using those. 

Bonus: Stop giving excessive pineapples to your Gliders. It can make them sick. Moreover , they can also face problems regarding acidity. Avoid giving milk after feeding your Glider any pineapple recipe. Milk after pineapple can lead to them from stomach gas or pain.


This is everything you need to know about if the pineapples are safe for Sugar Glider. Yes, they can eat pineapple in moderate amounts. Familiar pet friendly pineapple recipes are also mentioned here.  Pineapples can be used in their primary diet and make your work easier. Periodically you can also introduce it as a treat. Pineapple is one of the best options to dehydrate your Gliders through fruit. Introducing  a moderate amount of pineapple in their diet can give your Glider high nutrient enrichment along with hydrating them properly.  So without further due,  get a pineapple for your furbabies! 


Can Sugar Gliders eat pineapple regularly? 

No ,Sugar Glider cannot have pineapple regularly.  In the TPG diet you can give it once or twice in the week. For the other treat, you can give pineapple occasionally or a surprise treat. 

Can pineapple be used in any other diet like BML or OHPW? 

No, besides the TPG diet, you cannot use pineapple in other diets. According to the expert, you cannot add pineapple to other diets. 

What is the right time to feed pineapples?  

Afternoon is the right time of feeding for TPG diet.  Pineapple snacks or treats can be given sometimes or at the time of emergency.

My Sugar Gliders don’t want to eat Pineapples. What should I Do?

If your Sugar Glider doesn’t want to eat pineapple, don’t force them to eat one. As we all know, every Sugar Glider is different and so is their taste bud. It is unwise to force them to feed any fruit. 

Do all Sugar Gliders eat pineapple? 

Most of the Sugar Gliders eat Pineapple. Still it depends on the individual Glider if they don’t like the taste or not. 

Do pineapples contain seed? 

Most of the pineapples don’t contain seed. Still if you found one with it, remove the seed from it before feeding your Glider.

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