Can Sugar Gliders Live Alone? All Your Questions Answered




Can Sugar Gliders Live Alone? All Your Questions Answered

If you are wondering if Sugar Gliders like to live alone and want to unravel the truth, you are on the right path! Here we will talk about all the psychological factors to know if your tiny Gliders can live alone.  Hope knowing all these will make you a better and more responsible owner! 

Can Sugar Gliders Live Alone?

The answer is, no. Sugar Gliders generally cannot live alone.  From the ancient period, Sugar Gliders have been considered to be colony animals who are usually not comfortable being alone. They need at least one companion of their species around them to stay playful. The mind of Sugar Glider functions properly when they are surrounded by a consistent company! 

What Will Happen If I Keep Sugar Gliders Alone? 

What Will Happen If I Keep Sugar Gliders Alone

This is the part you need to know the most. So what are the drawbacks of keeping your Sugar Gliders alone?  Well, you will observe a lot of physical signs in this regard. Wanna know all of these! Keep reading-

  • Weight Loss: As the whole situation is much related to psychology, Sugar Gliders often lose the motivation to eat something. As a result, they become abnormally slim. You can sense how harmful this would be for their small body! 
  • Depression: You must be wondering about seeing this word here!  But actually, Sugar Gliders can suffer from depression if they remain alone for a long time. Usually, these tiny animals seek the companionship of each other. 
  • Self-Mutilation: Sugar Glider can purposely harm itself from depression. Moreover, they can act horrendously by disfiguring their body parts. 
  • Loose Skin: This can be a symptom that your Glider is not doing good. Their skin can become saggy. 
  • Death: This is the worst thing that can happen with your Gliders.  If they fall into major depression, it will affect their mental stability. The unwillingness to take food and lack of movement is also associated with it. All of these can lead them to lose their life! 

Why Human Companionship Not Enough For Sugar Gliders? 

Undoubtedly human companionship plays a very vital role in the mental health of captive Sugar Gliders. However, this cannot be the alternative to the actual bond and companionship Sugar Gliders maintain with each other.  Let’s put it this way, can you live without interacting with any other human? The answer is surely a big “No”! The same goes for your Suggies, only human interaction cannot be emotionally fulfilling for Gliders. 

Does Wild Sugar Glider Live  Alone? 

No actually, wild Sugar Gliders like to stay in groups. These groups are formed with 7-12 Sugar Gliders.  They usually live together in the wild and do tree-dwelling activities. Moreover, let’s not forget that, in the wild, Sugar Gliders are open to many types of threats from predators. So sticking with one another gives them a sense of safety. 

What Experts Say About Keeping Sugar Gliders Alone? 

You must be thinking about how we can firmly say that Sugar gliders cannot live alone. Well, according to scientists, experts, and veterinarians, Sugar Gliders should not stay all alone.  All of them agree with the fact that Sugar Gliders are social animals and should not be treated as solitary mammals. A doctor in veterinary medicine named Amanda Zellar has said that Gliders should not be kept alone in any way. it is detrimental to both their mental and physical health. 

Is There Anyway to Keep a Sugar Glider Alone? 

Is There Anyway to Keep a Sugar Glider Alone

This is very tough! You need to bond closely with your Sugar Gliders for this. Very few people can pet a Glider in this way. According to their words, if an owner can build a really firm bond with the Gliders, this small creature can survive alone sometimes. 

Undoubtedly it needs a lot of effort and time. This type of owner usually does not prefer the Gliders to be caged. If you want to be bonded that way with your Glider, you can follow some of these techniques –

  • Make your Sugar Glider get used to your body scent:  You can put your clothes into their cage and make them habituated with your smell. This will differently impact positively on growing a healthy relationship with your Sugar Gliders. 
  • Pat your Sugar Glider with your hand: At first they can bite or grab your hand or make fearful noises. But eventually, they will quit doing all of these and get used to it.
  • Spend a lot of time with them: This is the key to having the ultimate bond with your Gliders. If you are determined to have a close bond, spend a lot of time with your Gliders. Moreover, having patience is another important thing. 
  • Feed your Gliders: This is one of the easiest ways to build a really strong connection with your Glider. Feed them properly whenever you get the time. It will also help to boost the friendship and trust between you and your Glider.
  • Carrying them out: You can use a small pouch for carrying them out. It gives the feel of both familiarity and security to your Glider and it can stick to you. 


Remember, after doing all these, there is a fine chance of noticing the negative psychological symptoms in your Sugar Gliders. In that case, bringing a companion for them will be the only way to save them! 

How Can I Find Out Sugar Gliders Need a Companion? 

If you are confused about the fact that your Sugar Glider needs a companion or not, then monitor its behavior carefully. You can provide all the necessary love and playtime to them, but still, you can see some of the major symptoms like-

  • Their activity will be dull day by day.
  • The bathroom habit will be irregular. 
  • The water and food intake will be decreased. 

What Are the Benefits of Keeping More Than One Sugar Glider?

On average Sugar Gliders need 2 hours of active and comfortable physical interaction. This can make their whole existence happy and spontaneous. If a glider gets this companionship from its spices, it can adapt to the partial environment easily.  However, pet Sugar Gliders naturally seek the presence of their owner. But in this fast-moving world, it’s not always possible to be available 24/7. A companion for your Glidr can fill this void. Both of them can be continuously there for each other and give them warmth. Their food habits can also form in a better way. All of these can lead them to live a healthy life span of up to 12 years. 

How to Know If a Sugar Glider Is Happy? 

All these talks are about making your Gliders happy and healthy, right? But how can you know that your Glider is happy? Well, some characteristics will ensure your Gliders are living their lives! Let’s know about those! 

  • High Energy Level: The energy of a happy  Sugar Glider will always be high. They will willingly display enthusiastic behavior and continuous movement. 
  • Have Proper Diet: This type of Glider will eat their treat and meal properly. You can introduce various types of Glider-friendly foods to them.
  • Active Participation in Games: Sugar Glider will jump onto your hand, do playful activities, and interact positively. You will feel the well-being of their existence. 

How Many Sugar Gliders Should I Captive? 

After knowing the overall scenario, you should at least pet 2 Sugar Gliders. It will be even better if your pocket pet is three. The reason behind this is, that if any of them suddenly pass away, there would be the rest of the two who will manage their grief together. 


So, we have come to this conclusion, having more than two Gliders will make both and your pet’s life full of happiness and joy.  They can play and snuggle with each other.  All these will contribute positively to their mental health. And certainly, as an owner, you will be more happy! 


Should I neuter the Gliders? 

If you are planning to pet both female and male Sugar Gliders, it would be better to neuter them. You can neuter the male Gliders after 5-6 months of age. 

Is human interaction not enough for Sugar Gliders? 

No actually, your Sugar Glider needs a consistent company of their species. It will make their survival easy. Of course, getting affection and having a tight bond with the owner is very important but you cannot overlook the other facts that are mentioned! 

Do Sugar Gliders groom each other? 

Yes, they do! They help and groom each other in terms of cleanliness and friendship.  It also restrains them from doing any type of self-harm.

What things can be done for the mental well-being of Sugar Gliders?

Along with giving them a friend, you can focus on other parts. Giving a healthy diet, motivating them to free movement, and creating an animal-friendly environment are so important for their mental sanity. 

Does the bond with the owner become loose with Gliders if there are many of them? 

Not at all!  Rather you can be friends with all of them and make more memories. Maybe one or two Sugar Gliders bond very closely with the owner.  But usually, there are no remarkable differences. 

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