Can Sugar Glider Eat Strawberry? The ultimate guideline




Can Sugar Glider Eat Strawberry

If you are looking for a better fruit option for your Gliders that will cause less hassle for feeding, you are on the right path!  Did you know strawberries can make your life a lot easier in this regard? It is one of the most flexible fruit options for your Gliders! Still confused! Let us know in detail!  

The first thing to know: Can Sugar Gliders eat strawberries? Here is the answer!  


Yes, Sugar Gliders can eat strawberries.  This can be both an occasional and main diet fruit for them.  The calcium and phosphorus ratio of strawberries is 0.7: 1, which makes it a safe food for your Glider.   You may introduce this fruit as a treat initially then go for the other recipes

Are you wondering now, what type of strawberry they can have?

The sweet strawberries are preferable for your Gliders. Hapil, Sparkle, Alpine, Ozak beauty, and Albion, are the sweet strawberry varieties that you can give to your Gliders. More precisely, the ripe strawberries are preferable for them.  The unripe ones will mostly taste sour and certainly giving those won’t be a good choice. So how would you give these strawberries to your Gliders? Let’s know! 

1.TPG Diet 

This is the only diet where you can use strawberries.  The TPG diet is a perfect combination of all the nutrients that your Gliders need. It has fruits, vegetables, yogurt, protein, vitamins, ground flax seed, and many other ingredients. 

In this diet planning, you need to mix at least two fruits and strawberries are a completely safe fruit in this regard. Choose any other fruits from bananas, mangoes, pineapple, or kiwi.  Take a glance at how these fruits are used in this diet! 

  • Take all the fruit that you are about to add. 
  • Wash them properly and remove any unwanted parts from the fruit. For example, remove the leafy part of the strawberry.
  • Cut the fruit into small slices and add them in a blunder. 
  • Blend them all together. 
  • Then you have to gradually add other diet ingredients to this diet. 
  • You can further sparkle the pet glider multivitamin calcium power on the portion you are giving to your Gliders. 


This can be the main staple diet for you Gliders. Afternoon is the proper time for feeding this. Last, initially store the mixture in an ice cube holder in your fridge. Then place the frozen cubed mixture in a freezer bag. Finally, keep the bag in. Plastic freezer container. Each of the frozen diet cubes can be given to each Glider after melting them at normal temperature.

2.Dried Strawberries 

You can give the dried strawberries to your Glider. The condition would be, that you must take the organic strawberries and avoid adding any type of additional sugar. 

  • Take some fresh strawberries. 
  • Wash them properly.
  • Cut the leafy part of the strawberries that remain on the top of it.
  • Cut them into small slices. 
  • Keep the strawberries in layers on the dehydrator tray.  
  • Then dry the strawberries in the dehydrator at 135°F for about 10 hours
  • When the strawberries are fully dried, take them out


After drying, Strawberries become sweeter. Eating an excessive amount of dried strawberries can harm your fur babies. So, add dried strawberries as a surprise diet to your Gliders food list! 

3.Frozen Strawberries 

Fresh strawberries should be your priority. But you can go for the frozen ones. Frozen strawberries are also an excellent treat for them as they will ultimately serve them a sweet taste and delish. But defrost the frozen strawberries before giving them to your furry companion. 

4.Strawberries Applesauce

This must be new for you but you can give strawberry applesauce to your Gliders. Because of its watery texture and lightness, it is a safe food for Gliders.  But don’t include any artificial ingredients or sugar with it. You can follow this recipe-

  • Take some sliced apples in a bowl. 
  • Boil the apple with some water 
  • After boiling for some time, add the strawberries to the bowl. The strawberries must be washed properly.
  •  Began to boil both of them together. 
  • After boiling two of the fruits finely, mix them in a blunder. That’s it! You are all ready to serve this tread to your Gliders. 


Serve the applesauce at normal temperature to your Gliders. And give a moderate amount out of it. 

5.Strawberry Yogurt 

Strawberry Yogurt 

You can give strawberry yogurt in moderation. The proper amount of natural strawberry yogurt can be a good occasional fruit for Gliders.  It is the safest treat for your Gliders of all. You can follow this recipe-

  • Take some slices of fresh strawberries.
  • Blend them smoothly in a blender. 
  • Then take some milk and boil it till it reduces to half.
  • Take some thick curd and smooth it with a spoon. 
  • Mix the boiled milk and blended strawberry with the curd. 
  • Divide the mixture into several small containers.
  • Keep them under the stove for 7-8 hours.


Your strawberry yogurt is ready now! Give it as an occasional treat to your Gliders. Avoid adding any additional sugar or other artificial flavor to the yogurt.

6.Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Sugar Gliders can eat both strawberries and bananas. So a combination of these two will be a great treat for your Gliders. Follow these recipes for making the yummiest smoothie for your little mammals

  • Cut the strawberries and bananas into small slices properly. 
  • Take a blunder and add two of the sliced fruits.
  • Pour some milk into the blunder and finally mix all of them. 
  • Finally, The strawberry banana smoothie is ready for your Gliders.


Keep this in the list of occasional diets.  Give the highest one to two spoons of smoothie to your furry companion. 

What type of Sugar Glider can eat strawberries? Do all of them like it? 

Strawberries are safe for every type of Glider but it depends on them if they want to eat it. There would be the chance they get habitual with the taste slowly. However, there is also some chance they don’t like it at all. As a responsible owner, it is your responsibility to find out their likings. 

What is the preferable amount to eat strawberries?

What is the preferable amount to eat strawberries

You can give strawberries as an occasional fruit to your little mammals. Giving them a moderate amount of strawberries is so important. You can add this fruit to your Gliders’ changing diet which will help them to get introduced to this fruit. In this method, you can give a small number of strawberries to them.  Besides, it is appropriate to give strawberry treats once a week. But the dried strawberries should be given twice a month, not more than that.  The reason behind it is that dried strawberries contain much more sweetness than fresh ones. This can increase the health risk of your Gliders. 

You know, you can give plenty of strawberry recipes to your Gliders. Now, let’s find out all the benefits of strawberries!  

Strawberry does not just give you the flexibility to choose a wide range of treats, it is also full of several nutrients and benefits! Let’s explore together!

  • It contains more than 90% water, which will keep your Glider hydrating. 
  • Strawberries are also a good source of fruit and protein.
  • This fruit can make Glider’s digestion process easy as 2 grams of fiber are in strawberries. 
  • Your Sugar Glider will also get vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin E, and finally vitamin B9 from strawberries. 
  • It is also a great source of potassium and magnesium.

Still, there are some recipes and parts of strawberries that your fur babies can’t eat.

strawberries that your fur babies can't eat

Time to know those! Be aware of these no matter what! 

1.Strawberry Top Calyx

The top green leafy part of a strawberry known as calyx is not edible for Gliders. Remove the part from the strawberry before feeding it to your Gliders. The reason is that farmers mostly spray pesticides in this part as it prevents the insects from damaging this fruit.  So keeping in mind that the Gliders are vulnerable to any type of toxin, you must feed them. 

2.Strawberry Jelly

Any type of Fruit jelly is made with gelatin, artificial flavor, and excessive sugar. Consuming it can lead to suffering for your fur babies for a long time.  That is why you should never feed any type of jam or jelly to your Gliders. 

3.Dessert Made of Strawberry 

Any type of dessert except the mentioned one made of strawberries is a big no for the Gliders. You should always try to give them as much organic fruit as possible. Most of the strawberry dessert is made of chocolates, artificial essence, ice cream, and many other ingredients. You Glider might like the taste of this. But it will increase their health risk a lot. 


Whenever you feed any kind of strawberry recipe, make sure to remove the leafy part. Moreover, wash the strawberries thoroughly before making any kind of treat recipe. 


These are everything we need to know about strawberries. Ultimately you can offer strawberries to your Glider. This fruit can be easily added to the Gliders’ occasional diet along with the main diet. But make sure they truly like the fruit. Stopping Your Gliders from excessively eating this fruit is your major responsibility too. Lastly, don’t forget to make a wool strawberry hat for your cute Gliders! 


Can I give strawberries daily to my Gliders? 

No, you can give strawberries to your Gliders daily.  Eating excessive strawberries can lead to many problems for your Gliders like stomach distress, diarrhea, and allergic responses

How do I introduce strawberries to my Sugar Glider? 

That’s an interesting fact. There can also be a situation where they are getting used to strawberries slowly. For this, give a small amount of it as an occasional diet. 

My Glider doesn’t want to eat strawberries. What should I do? 

If your Gliders don’t want to eat this fruit, nor force them at all. Remember they are a different individual with their likes and dislikes. 

Can I need to peel off the skin of strawberries in any recipe? 

Absolutely not! You don’t need to peel off the skin of strawberries.  Just make sure you are wasting it properly. 

Are green strawberries harmful to them?

There are some negative sides to unripe strawberries. It tastes sour along with a green aroma and bitterness. You certainly don’t want your Sugar Gliders to taste this.

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