Can Sugar Gliders Eat Blueberries? A Complete Guide




Can Sugar Gliders Eat Blueberries?

Blueberries are so familiar to us. We can eat this fruit without any confusion. But what about Sugar Gliders? Can they also have blueberries? The answer is “Yes”. Your furry friend can eat blueberries. You can give this fruit to your Sugar Gliders as a treat. Besides, blueberries can also be used in safe diets. Besides, the Sugar Glider diet made of dried blueberries is a delicious snack for them. But you have to be concerned about the amount of blueberries while adding them to the food list of Gliders. Moreover, how to present blueberries in a tasty way in front of them, is a major question too. Proper knowledge and detailed information are required to know all these. Let’s know all the information in one go.

Preferable  Blueberry Recipes for Sugar Gliders 

Preferable  Blueberry Recipes for Sugar Gliders 

You can go for the blueberries which are commonly accessible. Highbush blueberries are one of the most common ones. Besides the Bluecrop, Patriot, and Tophat blueberries are the most delicious. The jelly bean blueberries are the smallest ones. Sugar gliders can easily eat this berry on their own. One thing that should be kept in mind is that you have to give moderate and proper amounts of blueberries to your Suggies. Moreover, here are some of the recipes and ways that are safe for your Gliders- 

BML diet 

BML diet contains all the supplement nutrients that will keep them active and full of life. This is one of the most accessible diets for the Gliders. It contains necessary nutrient supplements like wheat germ, oatmeal, honey, apple juice, fruit yogurt, boiled eggs, chicken baby food, and vitamin and calcium supplements. After mixing all together in a blunder, pour the mixer into the ice cube container and put it in the freezer. After two hours the mixer will turn into ice. You can feed it to the Gliders after warming them. You can feed this mix for one month to the gliders. 

Now comes the next part, the feeding instruction also contains some fruits and vegetables. Along with the mixture, you have to give 1 spoon of fruit and 1 spoon of vegetable that is included in the diet’s fruit and vegetables list. The strict list of fruits includes blueberries along with some other fruits. This means you can give blueberries as a fruit under the BML diet along with the mixture. For this, 

  • Wash the blueberries properly.
  • Peel off the aril of blueberries.
  • Finely chop them. 
  • Give 1 teaspoon of blueberry to your Gliders

So the final diet will be –

  • 1 spoon of the BML mixture 
  • 1 spoon of blueberries 
  • 1 spoon of the mentioned vegetables like carrots, green beans, or peas

TPG-Stable Diet 

TPG’s stable diet gives you several options for choosing fruits. For this reason, varieties can be added to this diet. You can add 2-4 fruits together and offer the best meal to your little Gliders. Blueberry is completely a safe option in this regard. After taking blueberries, you can choose any 2 or 3 fruits from oranges, papayas, pineapples, mango, kiwi, or peaches.

You have to finely chop the fruits together or mix them in a mixer. Divide the mixture in the ice-cube holes and leave the. for 1.5 hours.  The per cube is enough for feeding your furry babies.  Before you give the cube as the main diet, you need to warm it up to room temperature. Keep the rest of the cubes in a freezer bag, and then in a freeze. Use the cubes from the container whenever you need to feed the Gliders.

You can further follow these instructions for making this diet-

  • Add oatmeal to the mixture before feeding it to your Gliders if it is too runny.
  • For good results, sprinkle multivitamins and calcium at the time of feeding. ⅛ th teaspoon multivitamin is safe for the Gliders. 
  • This can be an appropriate diet for your Suggies. The best time to give them this is in the afternoon. 
  • Usually, the cube covers 2-2.5 spoons. After warming up the mixture, you can feed them easily. 

Raw Blueberries 

Raw Blueberries can be a treat food for the Gliders. You just need to wash them first. Then cut it in half and give the portion in the hand of your Gliders. They will eat it on their own. Peel off the outer skin while giving.  Sugar Gliders usually don’t eat that.

Fruit Smoothie

Fruit smoothie is one of the most tasty food options. You can actively use blueberries while making them. Follow the instructions for making the smoothie-

Pour some organic blueberries into a bowl first. 
Add chopped apple, and orange with it.
Add chopped cantaloupe fruit after removing its rind.
Lastly, add the right amount of yogurt and apple juice and mix everything. 
Pour the whole mixture into the ice cube, each cube should contain 1 tablespoon
After that, you can warm up the fruit smoothie cubes at room temperature and give them as an occasional treat. 
The rest of the cube can be preserved in a freezer bag in a freeze. 

    Dried Blueberry with Yogurt Drops 

    It is a famous snack for the Gliders. You can buy it from a pet-friendly shop. In this mixture, dried blueberries are added. The size of the ingredients in the mixture provides good exercise for their teeth and jaws.  It can also add colors to Gliders’ monotonous diet and enrich their taste bud.  But you have to keep in mind the temperature. This mixture can melt at a high temperature so keep it in a moderately cold place. You can offer it 2-3 times per week as a treat to your Suggies. But don’t give too much of it. 

    The Usefulness of Blueberries

    As we know the recipes for blueberries. Let’s have a look at how it is beneficial for the Gliders’ health-

    Blueberries contain vitamins C and K which is good for their heart.
    This fruit is also good for Glider’s bone health.
    It will offer a smooth digestive system to your Glider.
    As blueberry tastes sweet with a lot of tartness, it helps the Gliders to explore new tastes.

    What type of Blueberries Sugar Glider Gliders cannot eat?

    What type of Blueberries Sugar Glider Gliders cannot eat?

    Though blueberries offer plenty of nutrients and vitamins to you, still you should know what type of blueberry is not good for your Glider. Here are the answers-

    Blueberry Skin 

    Usually, the gliders don’t eat the skins. If you give them blueberries with skin, they will prefer to eat the flesh part. So you should peel off the skin before giving them. 

    Blueberry Candies 

    Blueberry candies consist of artificial flavors with sugar and other ingredients that are harmful to your Gliders. Moreover, any type of processed blueberries can negatively affect their health. Try to use organic and pet-friendly blueberry treats after checking the labels properly. 

    Seeds of Blueberry 

    If you find any seeds in the blueberry, remove them first. Seeds can have harmful effects on the Glider’s health. 

    What Type of Gliders Eat Blueberries?

    Pet Gliders usually love to eat blueberries. Mostly the Caramel Sugar Glider Loves to eat Blueberries. Here are the traits of Caramel Sugar Gliders – 

    • The body is champagne in color and has black spots on it. 
    • Their tails are thick.
    • The hands and feet are white.
    • Made a different sound from other Gliders. 
    • Caramel Gliders’ characteristics are calm compared to other Gliders. 

    Things You Have to Keep in Mind 

    You have to give a moderate amount of blueberries. Excess of it can lead to stomach pain. Besides, you have to make sure your Gliders are eating enough water. For the TPG diet, try to bring variety among the fruits. Give blueberries twice a week in the TPG diet. For a BML diet, keep other fruit options along with blueberries. 

    Right Amount of Blueberries for The Gliders 

    Right Amount of Blueberries for The Gliders 

    You can give blueberries as treats 2-4 times per week. For a diet like BMI and TPG, give twice a week. The smoothie can be an occasional food for you. Raw blueberries can be given half of the whole. 


    After unraveling all the facts, I hope now you will be able to make the perfect decision for your Gliders. Giving a moderate amount of Blueberries is completely a safe option for the little pets. Moreover, we all know the strict food list in the BML diet. Blueberries are one of the fruits that can be added to this diet. This certainly shows the nutrient level of blueberries. The smoothie can also be an ideal treat for the Suggies as it contains many fruits together. Blueberries can be used in plenty of recipes that will also help your Gliders to explore new tastes.


    Do All Sugar Gliders have blueberries?

    Most of the Sugar Gliders can have blueberries.  Still, each of them has an individual taste bud. For this, it’s better to experiment first if they like blueberries or not. Initially, you can give a small portion of it to find out.

    Are excessive amounts of Blueberries bad for Gliders’ health? 

    Blueberries should give your Gliders a moderate level. Excessive amounts of consuming this fruit can lead to digestive problems along with gas complications, and diarrhea effects to your little ones. 

    Do all  Blueberries  contain seeds?

    Some of the blueberries contain fewer seeds. Most of the blueberries bred are seed-free. It will not be wise to give blueberries to your Suggies.

    When can I get blueberries? 

    Blueberries are a seasonal fruit. You have to find out when the blueberries are available in your area. For example, in different states of the US, Blueberries can be found in different seasons. 

    Can I regularly give blueberries in my Gliders diet?

    You can give blueberries twice a week as first to your Sugar Glider. Moreover, a blueberry fruit smoothie can be given occasionally. 

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