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Can Sugar Gliders Have Grapes?

You can satisfy your sudden appetite with grapes, one of the most easily findable fruits! But do you know, you can do the same thing for your Gliders! Not only that, the grapevines can be used as their cage decor. Gliders can use the vines for climbing and other sportive activities. Moving forward to the main topic! What do you think, can Sugar Gliders have grapes? Keep reading to clear up all your confusion! 

Let’s talk about your first concern, can Sugar Gliders eat grapes?

Yes, Sugar Gliders can eat grapes. The Calcium Phosphorus ratio of grapes is 0.8: 1, which makes it a safe fruit for Gliders. But the fruit should be 5% of their daily intake. The most wise decision is to mix grapes with other fruit and then present it in front of your Gliders. 

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Now, you must be thinking about what type of grapes are preferable for them. Have a quick look! 

can Sugar Gliders eat grapes?

Green, black, and red grapes are the most familiar ones. Sugar Gliders can eat all of them. But the majority of the Gliders mostly like to eat red grapes.   The green cotton candy grape is also their favorite. You can easily avail grapes in the Spring and Summer months. So, grapes can be great occasional fruit snacks for your Gliders at that time. Now let’s jump into some of the healthy recipes for your Gliders that include grapes.

1. Fruit Mix 

You can make a healthy fruit mix through grapes. Other nutritious fruits are also added here.  Follow the steps for making this amazing treat-

  • Take ½ cup of grapes, blueberries, sweet cherries, honeydew, corn, apple, and watermelon. 
  • Take 1 cup of peas, green beans and carrot. 
  • Soak the grapes and blueberries in water with a splash of vinegar. 
  • Then wash the other fruits. 
  • Cut the grapes, apples, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew melon, and cherries. Keep all of the fruit slices in a bowl. 
  • Take the blueberries, you need not cut them.
  • Add the frozen green beans, green peas, corn, and carrots. Cut the carrots appropriately. 
  • Place the whole mixture in the freezer and stir every hour until it is frozen and separated. 
  • Give a small portion of the fruit mix as a treat to your Gliders. 


This fruit mix is full of nutrients and you can feed your furry friend for a long time. Undoubtedly this is the perfect food you should try for them! 

2. Grape Juice 

Grape Juice for sugar glider

Grape juice can also be a quick recipe for your Gliders. But make a moderate amount out of grape juice and feed them occasionally or twice a week. This recipe is very minimalistic. You can prepare this all of a sudden for your Gliders and give them a surprise. These are the steps you can follow for that. 

  • Wash the grapes properly. 
  • Cut them off into two portions and remove any type of seeds and the outer skin. 
  • Keep them in a mixer and add some water. 
  • Mix the whole thing. 

3.BML Diet 

BML diet follows a strict fruit and vegetable list for Sugar Gliders. It is completed in three steps –

  • 1 spoon basic BML mixture
  • 1 app on fruit 
  • 1 spoon vegetables

The BML mixture contains nutrient supplements like wheat germ, oatmeal, honey, apple juice, fruit yogurt, boiled eggs, chicken baby food, and vitamin and calcium supplements. Mix all of it. After you complete mixing, pour the mixture into the ice cube container and keep it in the freezer.  You can later melt each cube at room temperature. One cube mixture will hold 1 to 2 spoons which is enough for your Gliders. Along with this mixture, give one spoon of finely chopped or blended grapes as the fruit. 

4. Raw Grape

You can directly give the ripe grapes to your small mammals. Make sure, they are eating it in moderate amounts. If the grape is comparatively large, the half portion of the whole grape is enough for them.  


Do remove the seeds from the grapes. You can remove the skin also. Sugar Gliders usually don’t eat fruits skin and seeds

5. Raisins

Raisins for sugar glider

Raisins are dried grapes. A specific amount of raisins is alright for them. And you must not add any type of additional sugar to it. 


Don’t give excessive amounts of raisins to your mammals. Dried grapes contain a lot of sweet so you don’t want them to consume a lot of it.  Excessive sugar can imbalance your pocket pet’s diet or affect the kidneys. 

Benefits of Grapes

The effects of Grapes on Sugar Gliders.

Now the major question comes! Why should you give grapes to them? Are you excited to know the benefits? Have a look!  

  1. It can improve the eye health of your Gliders. 
  2. Grapes can also play an important role in improving their bone health. 
  3. This fruit is a package of nutrients. Your pet can get nutrients like calories, carbs, protein, fiber, and different types of vitamins easily through grapes. 
  4.  Grapes contain vitamin K which is helpful for Gliders’ healthy lifestyle. 


To get all these benefits, give them the appropriate amount. If you give a moderate amount of grapes to your Gliders, it will give all the health advantages.

What Type of Gliders Love to Eat Grapes? 

Mostly the pet ones love to eat grapes. Especially the Caramel Sugar Gliders and the Leucism Gliders. Let’s know some of the unique  traits of the both Gliders-

  1. The Caramel Sugar Gliders’ body color is slightly champagne and the Leucism is entirely white.  
  2. The ears of Caramel Gliders are slightly large. On the other hand, the eyes of Leucism are fully black.
  3. You can see black strips on the Caramel one and the Leucism usually has no strips on their body. 

Heading towards the next major question that must be chalked into your mind. What is the preferred amount of grapes? 

You should not offer too many grapes to your Gliders. 1 spoon is enough for the BML or TPG  diet. Moreover, the treat should also be in a moderate portion. Some of the Gliders may love to eat grapes a lot. Still, you have to maintain the proper amount for their well-being. 

How often can they consume grapes? 

How often can they consume grapes? 

If you are following the BML or TPG diet, you can give grapes twice or thrice a week. Don’t give grapes as a treat daily, rather give them occasionally. Mixing it with other fruits can be an appropriate treat in this regard. 

What type of grapes they can not eat?

This is the part you need to know to have an expanded knowledge! You must avail the organic and fresh grapes for the Gliders and avoid some of the recipes and parts of the grapes. Keep reading to know! 

1.Grape Seed 

There are a variety of grapes. So it is usual to be confused about whether a grape contains seeds or not. For this, you can first taste the grape first and check if the grape contains seeds.  Remove the seed for your Gliders if you find any. Moreover, most Sugar Gliders do not like to eat fruit skin. So you can also make it easy for them by removing the grape skin. 

2.Canned Grapes 

Avoid giving any type of grapes that are canned or contain artificial ingredients. This can be dangerous for your little friends. 

3.Grape Jelly 

Grape Jelly for sugar glider

You must have found grape jelly tasty but it is strictly a big “No” for your little ones. Grape jelly is made of excessive sugar, flavor, pectin, and many other ingredients that can make your Glider suffer in the long run. 


No matter what type of safe grape recipes you are offering to your Gliders, make sure you give it in moderate amounts. For example, according to some veterinary doctors, excessive raisins can cause kidney failure in the Gliders.  Moreover, as grapes are sweet fruit, excessive consumption of it can lead to some major health issues for your Suggies. So you have to give it the right amount.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you give any type of fruit on a large scale to your Gliders, it can lead to dietary imbalances. The same goes for the grapes. Moreover, you have to be sure, your Gliders love the taste of grapes. Allow them to eat a small portion of the grapes and find out if they like it or not. If they like it, then follow the next recipe. 


Hope now you are free from all the inner conflict regarding whether you can give the Grapes to your Sugar Gliders. Of course, you can give them! Just make sure you are preparing the right diet for them. That’s it! Now you are all ready to give your Gliders a delicious fruit treat! 


Can Sugar Gliders have all types of grapes?

Sweet grapes are preferable for Sugar Gliders. You better avoid the sour green grapes for your furry friends. 

Are frozen grapes bad for the Glider’s health? 

Not really. You can feed them but make sure you defrost them before offering it. 

My Sugar Gliders are not eating grapes. What should I do?

If your Sugar Gliders don’t eat grapes, don’t force them. You can prepare the fruit mix including grapes and then feed that as a treat. But if they don’t want to eat, forget about the idea. 

Can I feed grapes as a daily treat?

It wouldn’t be a wise decision to feed grapes daily.  Remember, you have to keep a balance between sweet, protein, fiber, calcium, and potassium in your Gliders diet. So don’t stick to only one fruit. 

Are grape skin and seed harmful for Gliders? 

It is a matter of controversy. Though there is no official proof, some people advise not to give any type of fruit seed to the Gliders. Generally, it’s better not to give grapes to your Gliders.

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