Sugar Gliders Lifespan: How Long Do Sugar Gliders Live?




How Long Do Sugar Gliders Live

Sugar Gliders are small creatures and for their longevity, you need to maintain them in certain methods. Moreover, emphasizing various factors is also important for their well-being. Similarly, their living span is also associated with making certain decisions. 
So, what do you think about how long do Sugar Gliders live? Is there any particular living period for them?  Let’s unravel all the answers together! 

How Long Do Sugar Gliders Live?

How Long Do Sugar Gliders Live
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So on average, a captive Sugar Glider lives about 10 to 15 years.  This lifespan surpasses some other pet animals of similar size. It also ensures that your small companion can stick with you for a long time if they get the proper care! Now, as there are various types of Gliders, does their life span also vary? Here are the overall pictures of the expectation of life of different types of Sugar Gliders! Check it out!  


Mosaic Sugar Gliders are mostly snow white in color with a ringtail. For this unique tail appearance, people often call them “ring-tail mosaics”. The trait of this white-faced Glider is co-dominant with a slightly wild aura. Lastly, If you properly take care of these animals, they will survive more than 10 years! 


Leucistic Sugar Gliders are also white but their dark black eyes make them different from the others.  Their whole appearance is so unique that nobody can deny this. The creamy undertones of fur complement their whole look. Now, coming to life expectancy, they can live more than 15 years if they get proper care. On the contrary, if you don’t take care of them the right way, the life span can also be minimized at once. 


Albinism Sugar Gliders have white bodies and red eyes. If you care for them properly they will live up to 10-11 years but in the wild, they rarely survive more than 8 years. Albinism Sugar Gliders are one of the most rare species of Sugar Gliders. 

Classic Gray

The appearance of Classic Grey Sugar Gliders often does not match their name. They are mostly a combination of dark and light chocolate color. However, you will also find a combination of black, white, and gray. As these Gliders are primarily found in the wild, their life expectancy is between 3-9 years. 


Platinum Sugar Gliders are slightly light gray and have mild stripes on their body. Many people like to keep it as a pocket pet. So, with proper care, they can live more than 9-10 years. 


Cremino Gliders are a combination of light brick red and brown color. Usually, they have ruby eyes but the wild Cremino are often seen with black eyes. People tend to pet them for their rare outlook.  And for this, their life span exceeds more than 9 years. 

Black Beauty

Black Beauty Sugar Gliders are mainly found in wild areas. They have bright eyes with a combination of black and gray fur. In the wild, they don’t survive more than 10 years. 

Ruby Leu

Ruby leu is another type of Sugar glider that people mostly pet. It is indeed a desirable breed of Sugar Gliders for its appearance and extra cuteness. In captivity, it survives more than 10 years.  

White Face 

The white face is also a famous captive breed of Sugar Gliders.  Though they come in different colors, all their outlooks are liked by the Glider lover. Moreover, the body proportion of White Face is slightly different from other Gliders. So it is mostly a captive Glider that can have a long life of more than 10 years.

How Long Do Wild Sugar Gliders Live?  

How Long Do Wild Sugar Gliders Live
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The captive one usually lives much longer than the wild one. However, any of the species of wild Sugar Gliders mostly live up to 9 years. The lowest, they will live 3 years in the wild. The main reason behind this is, that in the world, they are open to various types of predators like wolves, feral cats, snakes, and so on. Similarly, their lifestyle is much more risky in the forest due to the survival complexity. So, sadly they can not make it that long like the captive one. 

Why Does Sugar Glider Live This Much? 

Proper care is one of the main keys but you can’t avoid the genes of Sugar Glider for having such a long life!  But on the other hand, as a mammal animal, they can also suffer from many derogatory diseases. These diseases include-

  • Cancer
  • Obesity 
  • Calcium deficiency 
  • Intestinal and skin parasites 
  • Fur loss 
  • Kidney and dental problems
  • Nutrition deficiency 

You can easily minimize the risk of all these diseases by ensuring a proper staple diet with enough protein, vegetables, and fruits. The nutritious treats also play an essential role in their well-being. Moreover, you must build a safe and comfortable habitat for them. And for any type of health problem, take the veterinary appointments as soon as possible.  

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How can I  Longer the Life Expectancy of My Glider? 

How can I  Longer the Life Expectancy of My Glider
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You should always be an available owner for your Gliders in terms of improving their life expectancy.

For this, know your Glider’s specific needs and work accordingly. Besides, there should also be some general settings for keeping your Glider healthy and happy. Here are some of the things you can maintain- 

  • Giving them Company: Sugar Gliders are highly social animals. They expect an average of 2 hours of continuous company of their owner and want to be surrounded by the company of their same species. Keep this in mind and be the best companion of your Gliders. 
  • Encouraging Movement: You have to encourage your Sugar Gliders to move, at least 1-2 hours daily. Keep them outside of the cage and let them have free play time. 
  • Creating Safe Habitat: A safe habitat will keep their mental health stress-free. You can add artificial large boxes, climbing toys, and playful branches around their cage.  
  • Regular Check-ups:  Do regular check-ups and watch if they are facing any type of external or internal problems. Do the necessary steps after having any sense of infection or abnormalities. 
  • Clean Living Space: Sugar Gliders love to dwell in a neat Place. For this, keep their cage clean by moving away the extra food or waste products.  It’s better to do a deep cleaning of the cage after 3-4 weeks. 
  • Provide Staple Food: There are various types of diets for Sugar Gliders. You can go for any one of them according to the availability of ingredients. Giving a proper amount of food is also a major part. Keep this in mind. Also, you can add vitamin supplements to the diet if required. 
  • Keep Unsafe Items Away: As Sugar Gliders are spontaneous animals, you should keep them safe from any kind of electronics and risky items. 
  • Keep in Touch With The Vet: Always keep in touch with a vet doctor who can help you at the time of emergency. Moreover, you can go for a body check-up every 6-12 months.


So how long a Sugar Glider will live depends mostly on external factors. By taking proper care and taking necessary steps, you can expect a long and healthy life for your Glider. Besides, focusing on immediate action for any kind of emergency will make their life so much easier! 


Can I pet a wild Glider and exceed its lifespan? 

The truth is, it is not a good idea to pet the wild Glider. As in the wild, they have already become accustomed to a certain type of environment; so keeping them in captivity will not be a good option. 

Does good company exceed the lifespan of Sugar Gliders? 

Yes!  Good company, especially the company of other Sugar Gliders can help them to live a long and happy life. Moreover, the companionship of the owner is also important. 

How can I prepare a staple diet for my Gliders to keep them healthy?

There are various types of diet as mentioned earlier. You can check the ingredients and go for the most nutritious one. 

Which Sugar Glider has the longest life span? 

There is no specific answer to this question. It completely depends on how you treat your Sugar Glider. But we can assure you that the captive one has more chances to live a longer life. 

What should I completely avoid to keep my Gliders healthy? 

One of the prime things is never to keep your Glider all alone and don’t feed them excessive food. Besides, follow the mentioned things too! 

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