Who Has A Pet Sugar Glider In BTS?




Who has a pet sugar glider in BTS?

The Top South Korean boy band BTS has become famous worldwide with its energetic songs and engaging shows. Aside from their musical skills, BTS members’ personal lives have become very interesting to their huge fan base. People who like the band are especially interested in the pets that the members have outside of work. Some people are even interested in the unusual choices people make for pets. For example, a member of BTS has chosen a sugar glider as a pet. The blog post will reveal who has a pet sugar glider in BTS?

So, Who Is The BTS Member Who Has Sugar Glider?

Jin, a South Korean boy band BTS member, is known for his love of animals. He had two pet sugar gliders named Eomuk and Odeng. Interestingly, Jin named his sugar gliders after famous ingredients in Korean cuisine.

Eomuk is a Korean processed seafood made with pureed fish. It is commonly referred to as fish cake, although it differs from the one known in Western cuisine. Eomuk is made by grinding fish meat into a paste, adding other ingredients like starch, seasoning, and sometimes vegetables, and then shaping the mixture into various shapes and sizes. 

So, Who Is The BTS Member Who Has Sugar Glider?
Source: https://bts.fandom.com/wiki/File:Jin_Twitter_Nov_25,_2018_(2).jpg

It is then steamed, boiled, or fried to cook and solidify the fish cake. Eomuk is widely used in Korean cuisine and can be found in different dishes such as soups, stews, stir-fries, and street foods. In many Korean recipes, it gives them flavor and texture.

Odeng is typically skewered and simmered in a flavorful broth made from dried anchovies, kelp, Korean radish, and onions. The broth is seasoned with soy sauce, rice wine, and sea salt to enhance the flavor. The fish cakes absorb the flavors of the broth while cooking, resulting in a delicious and comforting dish.

Odeng is often enjoyed during the fall and winter, as the hot broth provides warmth and comfort. It is commonly paired with other Korean street foods like spicy rice cakes (Tteokbokki) and enjoyed as a snack or light meal. The fish cakes can be eaten directly from the skewer or dipped into a sauce made from soy sauce, sesame oil, gochujang (Korean pepper flakes), garlic, and other seasonings.

In Korea, numerous street vendors sell models, a staple in Korean street food culture. While it is often purchased from vendors, making pre-packaged fish cakes at home or making them from scratch is also possible.

What’s the connection with Jin’s pet names, EMOUK and ODENG?

What's the connection with Jin's pet names, EMOUK and ODENG?
Source: https://bts.fandom.com/wiki/File:Jin_Twitter_May_23,_2018_(2).jpg

Jin chose the names Eomuk and Odeng for his pets because they represent a unique mix of his personal hobbies and cultural background:

Cultural Significance: 

Both eomuk and odeng are well-known Korean street foods. The Korean food eomuk is often served on skewers or in soups. Odeng comes from the Japanese word “oden,” another name for the same dish. Jin gives the names of his pets connected to important parts of Korean culture. He may have done this to honor and share his history.

Personal Connection to Food: 

These names could also mean that Jin likes these foods personally. Pet names based on favorite foods are a fun and loving way to show what individuals want.

Unique and Memorable Names:

Outside of Korea, Eomuk and Odeng are unique names for pets. These names were chosen because they are so special. They are sure to stand out and start conversations, which could lead to talks about Korean culture and food.


For famous people like Jin, the names they give their pets can sometimes show what they like or who they are. Jin shows the world a part of himself and his hobbies by naming his pets like Eomuk and Odeng.


Now that Eomuk and Odeng have passed away, these names may have emotional value because they remind him of the happiness and friendship they brought into his life.

Why Eomuk And Odeng Died?

Sadly, Odeng died away in 2019, and Eomuk in 2018. Nevertheless, Odeng was involved in a fall from a height, which may have played a part in his death. Jin talked about what happened when Odeng fell off the bridge while being in his cage during a V Live program. Sugar gliders often don’t live as long as other animals and can get sick quickly. It’s sad to lose a pet, and Jin’s friends have told her they are sorry for her loss of Eomuk and Odeng.

Is There Any Pet Left Of Jin?

Gukmul is the name of a sugar glider belonging to Jin, a South Korean boy band BTS member. Jin introduced Gukmul as his pet after the passing of his previous sugar gliders, Eomuk and Odeng. 

Gukmul was brought in to keep Odeng company, but unfortunately, Odeng also passed away due to a height accident. Through various social media posts and live broadcasts, Jin has expressed his love and affection for his pets, including Gukmul. 

Fans have seen pictures and videos of Jin interacting with Gukmul, showcasing their bond and the sugar gliders’ cute and playful nature.

Gukmul holds a special place in Jin’s heart as he continues to cherish and care for his pet, sharing updates and moments with fans whenever possible.

How Jin Take Care Of Gukmul?

How Jin Take Care Of Gukmul?

Source: https://bts.fandom.com/wiki/File:Jin_Twitter_Nov_25,

Jin takes excellent care of his pet glider, Gukmul. He ensures their habitat is clean and comfortable by regularly cleaning their cage and providing fresh bedding. Because of this, he appointed staff, but sometimes he does this job by himself as he loves his pet as his baby. 

He also provides a proper diet, which includes a mix of fruits, vegetables, and specially well-branded formulated glider food. Jin spends time bonding with Gukmul by handling it gently and providing them with social interaction. He also takes it for regular veterinary check-ups to ensure his health and well-being.

Additionally, Jin gives his glider plenty of time outside of the cage. Overall, Jin is a responsible and caring pet owner who prioritizes the health and happiness of his glider. His fanbase research says he is too careful with Gukmul because he doesn’t want to lose it like Eomuk and Odeng.


Who Is The BTS Member Who Loves Animals Most?

All of them love animals equally. Every member of BTS has their own pet.

Why did Jin choose a sugar glider as a pet?

Jin’s love for animals and desire to connect with Korean culture influenced his decision to have sugar gliders as pets, which are unique and meaningful to him.

How long do sugar gliders typically live?

Sugar gliders have a relatively short lifespan, often around 6 to 10 years in captivity, making it essential for owners to provide proper care and attention.

Is Jin known for his love of animals outside of sugar gliders?

Yes, Jin is known for his affection for animals and has expressed his love for them through various posts and interactions with pets.

Are any fan communities or social media accounts dedicated to Jin’s pets, particularly Gukmul?

Yes, fan communities and social media accounts follow and celebrate Jin’s pets, sharing updates and moments related to Gukmul and his other animals.


Jin got sugar gliders as pets, giving them unique names like Eomuk and Odeng. These names show that he loves animals and wants to connect with his cultural roots. He honors his heritage by giving his pets names of popular Korean street foods. This also gets people talking about and interested in Korean culture and food, both among his friends and the public.

Jin’s loving and protective personality is also shown by his close relationship with his pets, especially Gukmul, after the deaths of Eomuk and Odeng. His dedication to giving Gukmul a comfortable space, healthy food, social contact, and regular veterinary care shows how responsible he is as a pet owner and how much he loves his furry friend.

Moreover, Jin shows more about himself and his values through what he does as a pet owner, which strengthens the link between him and his fans. He cares deeply about his pets and tries to share his love for animals and Korean culture with others. This makes him a skilled singer and a kind and approachable person to his fans.

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