Can Sugar Glider Eat Dragon Fruit? Reliable Guide




Can Sugar Glider Eat Dragon Fruit?

We are about to talk about one of the most refreshing fruits named dragon fruit. Currently, it grows in abundance in Asia and Australia. You can also easily avail this fruit in a tropical environment. Its refreshing and light taste has already blown people’s minds.  But is it the same for the Sugar Gliders?  Can they eat Dragon Fruits?  Here is the answer!   

Are you excited to know all the information regarding can Sugar Glider eat dragon fruit?

Yes, Sugar Gliders can eat dragon fruits. Originating from America, the dragon fruit is one of the most exotic fruits. This fruit tastes like kiwi and pear. Both kiwi and pear are edible and safe for Gliders.  But do dragon fruits also fall on this list? Let’s find out!  

What types of dragon fruit can they eat? 

Considerations and Precautions

The phosphorus and calcium of dragon fruit are 22.56 mg and 8.51 mg, which makes it a safe food for Gliders. Your Sugar Glider can watch both the red a white dragon fruit. It is safe to skip the yellow and pink ones. For making any treat recipes for your Gliders, the red dragon fruit is more famous. It includes red flesh and many health benefits. Let’s know how you can make safe recipes for Glider with this dragon fruit!

1.Ripe Raw  Dragon Fruit

Your Glider can eat ripe white and red dragon fruits safely. It is one of the few fruits whose seed is also edible for Gliders. You just need to remove the outer skin and stem of this fruit. Gliders can eat the rest of the fruit. To make their task easy, you can cut the fruit into small pieces and then offer it to them.


Dragon fruit gives you the option to explore and make different types of smoothies. So you are flexible to use available fruits. Let’s have a look! 

Mango Dragon Fruit Smoothie 

This may be the simplest treat you have ever come through. You just need to take these two fruits, mango and dragon fruit. Remove the outer skin of both of them. Also, remove the seed from the mango. Cut them into small pieces and simply blend them into a blender.  That’s it!  

Various Fruit Mix Smoothie 

Plenty of fruit and vegetables can be used in this smoothie. Mixing oranges, tomatoes, apples, and carrots along with dragon fruit would be a good option. You just need to boil the carrot and the rest of the fruit can be used after removing their skin and stem.  After that, cut all of them into small slices and mix them in a blender. Don’t mix any kind of additional sugar or other ingredients in the mix. 

Dragon Fruit Smoothie with Banana and Pineapple 

This is another delicious smoothie recipe for your Gliders.  Take ⅔ cup pineapple then ¾ cup of dragon fruit. Pour some water and then blend it out.  Then add sliced banana to the whole mixture! After blending for 5 minutes, you can present this smoothie to your furbabies. 

3.Dragon Fruit  Juice

This can be a really quick fix for your Glider. After removing the stem and skin of dragon fruit, you can slice the fruit into small pieces. Take a blunder next. Add some water and the dragon fruit pieces into the blender. Blend it nicely and of course, avoid mixing any additional sugar or other ingredients.

4.Dragon Fruit with Milk 

This treat can be your lifesaver in emergencies! Here you just need to cut the dragon fruit into small slices and keep that in the bowl. Pour some liquid milk into the bowl! That’s it! But avoid adding any type of additional sugar to the milk. 

5.Freeze Dried Dragon Fruit Pet Snack

Some of the pet-friendly companies have introduced freeze-dried dragon fruit snacks for Gliders. You can give a small portion of these snacks to your Glider. Constipation issues can be solved through this fruit snack along with balancing the microbiome. Keep the snack in a cool and dry place after feeding. Also, it is so important to zip the packet properly.  But do check the review and experience of the other Sugar Glider owner before buying.  

Bonus: Use the organic dragon fruit for all the mentioned recipes. Wash the fruit properly before feeding it to your Gliders. Proper washing is very important to minimize the risk of pesticides or other chemicals used in farming while growing the fruits. 

This tasty dragon fruit has several benefits too! Why would you give if it doesn’t offer good health to your Gliders, right? Let’s know about that! 

Dragon fruit is not only a last-minute saver, it contains a lot of essential nutrients that will keep your Gliders healthy and fit. Let’s know all that :

  • Dragon fruit is the perfect choice for vitamin C vitamin E and appropriate dietary fiber. 
  • It contains powerful antioxidants that have heart-protective properties. 
  • It has low sodium and is appropriate for a low-sodium diet for your Gliders.
  • The low cholesterol trait of dragon fruit makes it healthy for the heart.
  • This fruit is also a good source of magnesium and folate.
  • It also helps to grow the fur and keep the skin healthy. 

Bonus: Though dragon fruit is sweet, it is low in sugar. So undoubtedly it is an appropriate choice for your Glider. 

Can All Gliders Eat Dragon Fruit?

The taste of dragon fruit is mainly sweet with a soft texture.  Most of the Gliders like to eat it, especially the pet one. But you can face severe hygiene problems if your white Gliders eat the red dragon fruit. Better you take the necessary measures for cleaning before feeding it.  Moreover, Give a small portion of dragon fruit first to your Sugar Gliders initially to find out if they like this fruit or not.

What is the preferred amount of dragon fruit? 

Nutritional Value of Dragon Fruit

Feed the dragon fruit in moderate amounts to your Gliders. If you are giving the fruit directly, then give it in small slices. 1 or 2 slices would be fine. For smoothies don’t give more than 2 spoons. The same goes for the juice.  Dragon fruit can be a safe food for them but excessive dragon fruit will still be dangerous. Keep this in mind. 

We have talked about the safe part until now! Time to know the type of dragon fruit they cannot eat! Keep reading! 

1.Skin and Stem of Dragon Fruit 

The flesh part of dragon fruit is delicious to eat but you cannot give the stem and the outer skin of this fruit.  For any type of recipe, remove the stem and skin first. 

2.Canned Dragon Fruit 

Choosing organic dragon fruit is the best option. Any type of processed fruit goes through a certain procedure which is dangerous for your fur babies.  

3.Dragon Fruit Jelly 

You cannot give dragon fruit jelly to your Glider. This jelly contains gelatin, added sugar, and many other ingredients that will harm your Glider. 

4.Processed Dragon Fruit 

Processed dragon fruit is used in Bounty Bars, Cheesecake, Popsicles, and many other food items. You will probably find all of these yummy but these foods are a big “No” for your Glider. The reason behind this is that dragon fruit does not remain organic after going through so much processing. 

5.Other Recipes

Recipes like milk truffle, jujubes, or yogurt made with dragon fruit won’t be a safe option for the Suggies. Avoid these in any way. 


If your Glider eats a red dragon, It must be scary for a certain time because of the powerful red stain! Don’t panic in that case! Remove the stain of dragon fruit properly from your Glider.


Hope now you are one step ahead to decide whether you want to give dragon fruit to your Gliders or not. In moderation, this can be a good choice for your pet companion. But keep in mind,  your Glider will not get all the necessary nutrients from dragon fruits! You have to ensure a healthy prime food diet for that! Dragon fruit can be an occasional and surprise fruit treat for them.  


Is dragon fruit a safe fruit for Sugar Gliders? 

Yes, dragon fruit is a safe food for gliders. Still, you have to maintain the feeding amount for them and give it as a treat. 

Can I mix dragon fruit with the diet of Sugar Gliders? 

Dragon fruit is a perfect choice for treats. But veterinarians don’t suggest it to be used in a main diet mixture. 

Is it safe to give dragon fruit frequently to the Gliders? 

You can not give dragon fruit too frequently to your Gliders. Giving this fruit twice or thrice a week is all right. Make sure you are giving them the proper amount. 

What can be the alternative to dragon fruit? 

There are fruits that you can feed as a treat and primary diet to your Gliders. Apples, grapes, and blueberries are one of these fruits. You can give any of these fruits as an alternative to dragon fruits.

My Glider doesn’t want to eat dragon fruit, what should I do?  

Every Glider has their own choice of food. If any of your little mammals don’t like to eat dragon fruit, don’t force them in that case. 

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